Terms of Service - Thé Vert Photography

Terms of Service

1. Photography: The Vert will capture digital photos at provided dates & times. All services must be between 9am and midnight. Portrait services must end before sunset. Event services must be on a single calendar date.

2. Event Video: The Vert will capture digital video on provided date during ceremony and  major reception portions. All services must be between 9am and midnight. Event services must be on a single calendar date.

3. Product: Media is edited and available for free digital download about 7-21 days after service. Download is made available for a minimum of 3 months.

4. Legal: The Vert and client share full commercial and personal copyrights to all media. Client is solely responsible for any and all legal and/or financial issue involving copyright, loss, or damage of any kind involving any brand, company, persons, location, or object.

5. Cancel/Reschedule: Services may be rescheduled but are subject to The Vert’s availability. Refunds are only made due to failure to attend services or loss of all digital product, not for client cancelation.

6. Selfie Photo Booth: (If Applicable) Self service touch screen kiosk with stick props and digital sharing will be available at provided dates and times. Internet connectivity should be provided by client if possible. Client receives unedited digital media. Prints are limited one per guest age 12 or older.

7. Event Payment Plan: (If Applicable) The Vert will charge the total balance divided into equal payments due on the same date of each month. Payment will be automatically charged via Square. A $25 fee will be added if payment is declined. If payment is not received within 15 days client forfeits any amount paid thus far and all associated reservations.

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