Print Copyright Release Letter

To whom it may concern,

The Vert Photography does not digitally copyright any photos and as such no personal use or publication copyright claim is imposed on our clients.

Clients are free to reproduce, upload, or share our photography in any way they see fit so long. Photos may be printed by any retailer client desires. The retailer is hereby released of any legal   responsibility thereof. Client may share images on the internet on any website/app they see fit so long as they are not used in a way that negatively refleets on The Vert Photography.

This letter serves as absolute proof of printing/sharing rights by our clients. By no means may this letter be rejected or discounted by any service or website for any reason. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Please note this copyright does not extend to audio/video media, only still images.

Thank You,

The Vert Photography

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